The format is extremely easy for the auctioneer to set up and run, and due to the massive savings when compared to the alternative online platforms, the auctioneer can save money and pass those saving onto his / her buyers in the form of low buyers premiums. 

  • This is a format the is no frills.

  • It is an actual chatroom.

  • It is this simple.

  • We set up a unique page for your auction on

  • We schedule auctions by time slots, and no more than 10 auctions running at the same time allowing for less competition.

  • We promote your auction on our front page and on social media such as Instagram and Facebook.

  • The cost per auction is $5 plus $1 per item up to 20 items (You supply jpeg images and descriptions (word doc.).

  • Banner ads linking to your website $10 per month (you supply the ad).

  • Unique site page with all contact information and links to your social, buying, and other related platforms at $10 per month. 

  • There are no additional charges.

  • Try it for free so you can see how simple it can be.


Banner Ad linking to your website $10 per month.

See Sample

Unique Page $10. per month

See Sample

Chat Room Auction $5. per listing + $1 per item up to 20 items.  

"Hot Item" front page listing linking directly to your shopping cart - $5. per week

We do not, or will not, act as a third party in a sale. Approved sellers must have their own merchant service (PayPal, Square, Etc.).  Each transaction is unique between the seller and buyer. Buyers are notified that any transaction is as per the terms of the seller they wish to purchase from.

If multiple complaints are received about either sellers or buyers, that user may be removed and banned from the site at the sole discretion of the site operator.